Polyurea Coating

Heavy Duty Painting offers polyurea coating services for many applications, including, but not limited to; primary and secondary containment in the oil and gas industry, drinking water storage tanks, sewage treatment facilitates, meat processing facilities, hospitals clean room monolithic membranes, animal production facilities, waterproofing, and roofing membranes.

Often, we can not only prolong the life of new crude oil and saltwater storage tanks, but we have also extended the life of old and leaking tanks. We provide cleaning, sandblasting, and coating application that far exceeds most conventional methods of tank rehabilitation at often lower costs and shorter down time or need to remove the tank from the production location. We can offer a 24 hour turnaround on most 12' to 15' diameter tanks with a return to service 24 hours after our completed services

Polyurea was introduced in 1989 by the Texaco Chemical Co., and developed over the past 30 years by chemical engineers. Polyureas were formulated to provide innovative polymer resins that have a range of modulus (from high to low), better fire retardant properties, low VOCs and faster reaction times. Today's modern coatings, including polyurethane and polyurea, are among the most advanced resins developed. These polyureas, more than any other polymer coating, stand out in their versatility, strength and longevity. They are the next step in the coatings evolution.

At the same time, advances in coatings technology have also led to the development of spray, injection and roto-cast application equipment that also improves the performance of polyureas. In particular, plural component equipment technology has been improved to make spray application easier, more uniform in coverage, applicable at lower pressures (as low as 1,000 psi) and generating less overspray or fogging.

OEM manufacturers, contractors, engineers and fabricators that need a fast-cure, moisture-insensitive coating system and that requires a variety of physical properties, excellent adhesion, smooth surface flow out, superior tensile strength and high abrasion resistance, a polyurea system can fill that need. The main physical properties of polyurea explain their success.

Excellent UV stability allows exposed polyurea to be widely used in applications such as concrete or geotextile coatings for secondary containment applications. Polyureas' fast cure times allow it to be rapidly applied to a prepared substrate with minimal downtime for the facility. This has made polyurea the choice of facility managers for walls around and floors under chemical storage of diluted acids, alkali, salt solution, organic solvents, and crude and refined oils Polyurea provides a strong barrier to spills from reaching the environment. In this type of application, polyurea readily conforms to footings, pipes and protrusions to form a complete seal.

Advantages of polyurea coating systems:

Fast Reaction Time (5-15 seconds)
Moisture Insensitivity
Excellent Adhession
Superior Tensile Strength
Low to No VOC's
High Abrasion Resistance
High Heat Tolerance and Fire Resistance
Long Term Stability (even in direct sunlight)